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Heintzelman Construction & Roofing specializes in handling the entire scope of work provided by your insurance company including roofing, gutters, water damage and so much more. 

We understand the insurance claim process and we have much more experience in dealing with insurance companies on claims than most home or business owners typically do. Before you call your insurance company, call Heintzelman Construction & Roofing for a free damage assessment report and claim consultation with our insurance specialist.

Heintzelman Construction & Roofing LLC. is an Oklahoma based family owned and operated company that has served the greater Oklahoma City area since 1993. This is when the founder and owner Darryl Heintzelman began his career in the roofing and construction industry. His mission has always been to help people make their homes look beautiful with high-quality and attractive roofing choices. His goal was to build a company based on honesty and loyalty, offering premium craftsmanship and attention to detail. In 2012 Darryl’s son Blake entered the company and became part owner to help his dad continue building Heintzelman Construction & Roofing into a company that would last many more generations. They wanted to change the industry persona that all roofing companies were dishonest. They wanted a company with integrity and responsibility.

Heintzelman Construction & Roofing LLC. began and still specializes in residential roofing. The company has grown by keeping projects high-quality and focusing on customer service. Darryl and Blake Heintzelman feel that listening carefully to their customers allow them to give them exactly what they ask for. The relationship with the customer is most important, therefore those same customers call back years later when they need help. This focus on the customer also has made Heintzelman Construction & Roofing a frequently referred company. A good reputation spreads quickly in the service industry.

A vision statement expresses what the company wants to create of itself and the world around it. It is a picture of the future. It articulates our culture! It shows every Heintzelman Construction & Roofing Associate in the organization where we want to go, and what we will be like when we get there. Our vision gives shape and direction to our company’s future.

Heintzelman Construction & Roofing wants to be the company of choice for:

  • Our team members and their families
  • Our customers and their customers
  • Our suppliers

How do we achieve this every day?

By making decisions and acting based off our values.

Our Values



A job worth doing right is a job worth doing safely. There is no task or objective so important that the safety of any team member should be compromised.


We have trust and respect for everyone in our company. We approach each situation with the belief that people want to do a good job and will do so, given the proper tools and support. This ultimate translates into great customer service for everyone we work with.


We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. We expect our people to be open and honest in their dealings with others to earn their trust and loyalty. As a practical matter, ethical conduct cannot be assured by written policies and codes; it must be an integral part of the company culture.


We recognize that it is only through effective cooperation between all of our people that we can achieve our goals. Our commitment is to work as a team to fulfill the expectations of our team members, customers, and others who depend on us.


We know that by committing to continuous improvement and encouraging and maintaining a learning culture we will exceed our goals. Sharing knowledge and seeking knowledge from outside sources is the key to this success. Change is a permanent feature of all of our processes and procedures.


We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution. Our customers expect roofing services to be of the highest quality and to provide lasting value. To achieve this, we must act as leaders who generate enthusiasm and respond with extra effort to meet customer needs.


Our mission at Heintzelman Construction & Roofing is to provide Oklahoma with an honest, trustworthy voice in the roofing industry. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need, and we will strive to provide you with a long-term solution to your problem. Whether you’re in the Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, Del City, Choctaw, Yukon, Mustang, and Edmond area, Heintzelman Construction & Roofing has you covered.


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