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We specialize in handling the entire scope of work provided by your insurance company including roofing, gutters, water damage and so much more.

We should be the first place you call if you have an insurance claim for your roof and/or home exterior. Heintzelman Construction & Roofing employs insurance specialists who will be there to help with your insurance claim from start to finish.

We keep it simple and make it easy for the customer.

After 27 in business we understand the insurance claim process and we have much more experience in dealing with insurance companies on claims than most home or business owners typically do. Before you call your insurance company, call us for a free, complete damage assessment report and insurance claim consultation.

We are your partner in claims, corrections, and restorations. Don’t try to handle the insurance company and their tedious process alone; use Heintzelman Construction & Roofing as your storm damage professional.

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Hail and strong winds often do more damage than just to the roof.  However, many roofing contractors do not do full restorations. Instead, they will only repair your roof and leave you to find contractors to fix your fence, windows, siding, and gutters. Heintzelman Construction & Roofing is your local, full-service construction company near you who specializes in working insurance claims to complete your homes restoration. With one call to Baker Roofing, all your storm damage restoration needs are met.

Types of Common Storm Damage

Hail, wind, and water are the main causes of storm damage. Each of these creates unique damage that should be addressed differently. A proper storm damage inspection needs to be performed to ensure that all the key areas of your exterior have been inspected for damages caused by all these factors. Let’s looks at how these individual elements can affect your home.

Hail Damage

Hail not only causes damage to your roof leading to potential leaks in the future. But it also often creates much more of a mess for the homeowner. Siding, guttering, fences, garage doors, gutters and windows can all be damaged from a hailstorm. Even smaller hail can sometimes cause damage if the winds are strong. It’s very important to inspect your roof and the exterior of your home after a hail event for any damage or have a local roofing contractor come do a full damage assessment for you.

Wind Damage

We all know wind can be very powerful in Oklahoma and can cause extreme damage. Even straight-line winds of 50-60 mph can cause major damage to your roof. During a thunderstorm, winds can even exceed 100 mph and commonly exceed 60 mph. This results in blown off or bent shingles, knocked down fences, and even increases hail damage potential. These are still valid reasons to have your property inspected and potentially file a claim to pay for the repairs.

Water Damage

Water damage is usually pretty easy to spot because the stains it leaves on your ceiling, but it can also show up as mold also. Nevertheless, these spots and mold are often a symptom of a greater problem within your roofing system. Common things like roof leaks, pipe flashing, rotted siding, or stone chimneys are typically places that allow water inside the home and cause damage. If you notice any signs of water damage inside the home, it is essential that your home has a professional inspection to check all these common areas that could be allowing water inside your home. The source needs to be identified and corrected before it leads to major damage down the road. A small leak repair could end up being a large-scale structural repair in the future if it isn’t taken care of.

Choosing the Right OKC Roofing Company

We at Heintzelman Construction & Roofing know you have many options when it comes to roofers. And after a storm, they all will be knocking at your door. But Heintzelman Construction & Roofing is more than a fly by night roofing company. We are a full-scale local, licensed, and insured roofing and construction company. We are your one and only call. We are the last call you will ever need to make to a contracting company. We are your go-to company for all your storm damage restoration needs.

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